October 11, 2013

Mee Canyon Hike

Get outside and have an adventure!

piz : )

Thanks to my amazing sponsors: Arcteryx, CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Sterling Ropes, the AAC and WIndX-treme


Mee Canyon is just outside Colorado National Monument. It is a drainage that eventually flows into the Colorado River. We were hiking to a deep undercut overhang that the river has created over time.

 Leaving the parking lot after some 4x4 driving.
 Heading down the 2.1 miles of downhill walking.
 Ready to drop into the canyon.
 Before we drop in.
 Great views looking downstream.
 Almost there.
What a great place. I really wished that we had time to hang out, but we had to get back to school and it was time to charge back up the hill to the van.

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