April 27, 2011

Last Trail Running Race Until After the Baby

The views from the trail. The river below is the Colorado. Spectacular!

Jane running through the bush on the single track on race day.

Jane posing for me during the race. Don't trip or the consequences are dire!

Cars lining up earl for the race. The sunrise was beautiful that morning.

Jane not wanting to get out of the car on the morning of the race.
Trail running is great and allows you to see a lot of wonderful country quickly. Get outside and have some fun!

piz : )

Hiking Mt. Garfield

At the top last Friday after work!

Jane getting jiggly at the top of Mt. Garfield.

Heading up the first hill of shale.

Jane at the start of the hike.

Somewhere that I will be putting up some new routes!

Get out and have some fun. Summer is on it's way and Springtime has the best temperatures and scenery with the leaves blooming and flowers rising from the depths.

piz : )

I have been Busy

Waterfall this spring in Unaweep Canyon during the rains.

Views from the crag. After some hiking and bush-wacking.

The rain made me stop all over the canyon this morning to check out the stuff that I normally pass right on by. This is the historic Driggs Mansion built in 1900. Took a father and son about 4 years to build it for the Driggs and then they only lived in it for a few weeks. Lame. Then of course, folks came and thought it would be cool to destroy it and this is all that remains!

At the end of a night of bolting and climbing in Unaweep. Got to make it back down the trail before its totally dark and Jane begins to freak out!

The new routes are going in up in Unaweep. There are plenty more to go in. Slabs, crack, face, roof. We have it all up here! Mixed sport and crack climbs with mixed bolt and gear climbs.
Get out and have some fun!

piz : )

April 15, 2011

mt garfield

Jane and are I doing the most obvious hike in GJ today after work. It is the Mount Garfield hike and is right next to I70 and Palisade. Should be a good time Here are directions for those who are nearby and have time for the 4 mile trek with 2000ft elevation gain and descent. The official way is to exit I-70 in the town of Palisade onto 37 3/10 Rd (I love the road naming convention in the Grand Valley). About one hundred yards south of I-70 you will cross over an irrigation ditch. Make an immediate right (west) on G 7/10 Rd. Go about a mile or so west on G 7/10 Rd until you are forced to make a right (north). Head north to a tunnel that leads under I-70. The trail head is just on the north side of I-70.

piz : )

April 2011-Random

Scenes arond moab.
Jesse taking some photos in a home built out of the rock near Moab.
The remnants of the house in stone. It was started but never finished. Great idea, but the rock was not good for this venture. The builders must have just given up or run out of money and time.
Jesse trying not to get his pants wet in the 60 mph winds above Long Canyon in Moab. The winds were so strong that I thought that my truck was going to blow over.
A-Burr after a week climbing chossy desert towers!
piz : )

April 14, 2011

So Bush

So, I have been super busy with life these past two weeks. Shooting climbing video with Arcteryx, giving slide shows (Moab and Grand Junction), working with Realtors, training for a trail running race and so on. Sorry for the delay in any blog posts and sharing my life. The funniest thing that has happened lately is that one of my students hid a bottle of chocolate milk under a desk in my classroom long enough for it to curdle and smell. After a few days the room smelled pretty bad. To make a long story short, we found it just before we were going to chop a hole in the floor to find the cause of the smell. After rug cleanings, room cleanings and the works we were at our wits end and. I was about to vomit from the odor as were my students. Glad that one was solved! Talk soon and I will be sharing again after my trail running race in Grand Junction this weekend! piz : )