November 24, 2011


 Nelson checking out our baby.
 While out making the video Jane took it upon herself to add some flare to our kitchen! Nice!!
 Nelson and Dan G at the gym setting up the shot.
 The boys prepping at Mothers Buttress in Unaweep Canyon.
 Will they ever be ready?
 Can't forget the boom.
I still had time to do some scouting too!
piz : )

Some Climbing at Table in Golden

 Sean giving a good belay.
 Coach Dave taking down another lead. No boulders for him these days!
 Mike Randy and Coach Dave
Mike and I smooching.
piz : )

Thanksgiving with the Peacocks!

 Rowan with the grandparent's Peacock!
 A very happy grandma : )
 Cousins butting heads.
 A rest for Jane and I feeiding the boy.
 Rowan hamming it up.
 More Peacock's and Rowan's cousin Oliver. Rowan is lucky and gets to wear his old clothes : )
 More Peacocks and red solo cups!
 Me and Jane
The family.
Happy Thanksgiving
piz : )

November 2, 2011

Pee Wee Sends!

Pee Wee just sent Necronomicon placing all the gear on an old roof crack project of mine.
He has given it a grade of 13d/14a cause as with all cracks the hand size will change the difficulty for all suitors.
Way to go Pee Wee for stepping up and getting psyched on this route and giving it the first free ascent in great style.
Check out
and Pee Wee's blog for more information.

piz : )