August 12, 2013

Treadwall Training with Piz: Hold Choice Menagerie Climbing Holds

Get outside and have an adventure!

piz : )

Thanks to my amazing sponsors: Arcteryx, CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Sterling Ropes, the AAC and WIndX-treme
There are 112 reasons to like these holds from Andy Reather. Even though there will be nearly 700 reasons very soon.
Even though, Andy has climbed hard all over the world and has trained in the best facilities around, he still wanted to make the best climbing holds with the most useful shapes.
So he did. Low profile and small sets of holds that work the fingers are what you will find. Great for the big gyms and perfect for a home woodie or Treadwall.
I will be sharing how they perform in the next posts so stay tuned!
 Check out his forthcoming website and Menagerie Climbing on Facebook.
Happy training, sending season is just around the corner!!

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