November 13, 2013

Training with Piz: Rock Climbing Helmets

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This could be considered the same old rant that you have heard in the past, but for whatever reason I am here to write it one more time!

Wear your helmets folks!

The combination of these points:
  • my high schools crisis team meeting this morning telling the staff about crazy gunman in schools  
  • and the fact that a friend who climbs more than all of us just having a bad climbing accident a day or two ago (still in the hospital)
  • and that while I was just trying my head point project and having all the gear blow during fall
makes me want to remind everyone that helmets save your life. I have pictures and links to the ones that I wear regularly.

It's simple, wear them and be safer. Choose not to wear them and be a dope.

Accidents are called that for a reason, because you didn't plan on it even thought that you took all the precautions that you needed to.

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