December 11, 2013

Random Collection

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Until then... Get outside and have an adventure!

piz : )

Thanks to my amazing sponsors:

 Adam testing his pinch strength on a 45 degree overhang. There is a lot of weight hanging on those hands!
 My first holiday tree as a family man.
 Rowan enjoying some hot chocolate.
 Sarah Watson (CAMP athlete) Setting some routes while in her Supernova female harness!
 Nicole owning some reach throughs on the systems board.
 Justin and his classic wall sits with hand squeezers.
 Orson and his Arcteryx baby blanket. Train not included.
 Skinning to the top of Powderhorn ski area before they open. Man, I have to get my cardio back in shape. The legs feel fine, but the lungs could be feeling better! Nothing like knee deep powder on your first day out in a couple years!

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