March 4, 2012


 Searching for new sandstone cracks on a cold day!
 What is that thing on my neck you say? That is a WindXrtreme, It is a neck gator that blocks the wind, harmful UV and can be turned into 7 different pieces and fits in your chest pocket! Super slim and sleek and one of my favorite pieces when the temperatures are cold or when its windy or anytime! Check them out and buy yourself one and ski and hike or whatever with it!
 Old Ben playing at the Poux.
 Limestone climbing on a COLD winter day.
 My blaze orange Arcteryx Atom Jacket keeping me warm on the chilly stone over the Colorado river.
 High stepping to success.
 A cave with a couple of lines that I need to try! They look so fun.
 A nice short approach and a pretty good view too.
 The Fault wall is kick butt and one of the best angled walls that I have ever seen! Just like a training wall at a gym.
Mike cruising some moves at the end of the day,

It's never too cold to rock climb so get out after it!

piz : )

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