March 18, 2012

More Crack

 Ben getting launched up the crack!
 Lunch in the sun and a person/pillar.
 Me racking up for the big game!
 Lunch with brian and ben. We saught out the shade on this hot one.
 Ben focusing before the first crux. There are two green aliens above him and when I whipped on the gear earlier, I blew one of them out. Why do I always choose climbs that can hurt me?
 John telling us stories.
 Frannie being the best puppy ever!
 Brian loving this crack.
 John and Brian were way too cool for me this day.
Could desert cracks get any better? I think not.
Just a few more days of my spring break 2012.
Almost able to send the project and having fun getting prepared for the endurance and power required to do it.
Get outside and have an adventure.

piz : )

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