March 28, 2012

Looking to Train or Climb Outside in Grand Junction?

If you are looking to increase your fitness level, whether it is for climbing, biking, skiing, hiking or whatever, then you should consider coming to see me at the Grand Junction Climbing Center. I offer drop in training sessions that will increase your strength and conditioning levels, which will in turn allow you to feel better physically and mentally while you are doing what you love.
We can plan a time to head outside and work on your climbing skills or even learn some of the climbing  basics for top roping, lead climbing, trad climbing and even establishing new routes!

Just contact me at the gym on a Tuesday or Thursday from 3:45-6pm or through the blog and we can start a conversation to get your feeling great!

Get Psyched!

piz : )

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  1. No time like the present to get in shape and feel great for the rest of the year! Come out and see me at the Grand Junction Climbing Center and make plans to get Psyched! and train.