August 14, 2014

Dolomite Part 2

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 The always beautiful northern Italy.
 Well manicured lands.
 The glacier on the backside of the Marmolada.
 We walked and ran and slid our way down the mountain after climbing 2000' of perfect limestone! Then we hitchhiked back to the car. Good times.
 The hike up to the refugio. It took about 45 minutes from where we parked in the woods below to get to the hut where we got beta. rested and ate before the climb.
 Chris and I on the hike.
 The right side of the photo is the Marmolada. Tons of routes, tons of climbing, tons of run.
 A photo of the routes in the refugio. We figured it would help us on while on route.
The hut where we slept the night before the climb. Great food and a super place to meet random travelers! Don't forget to watch the goats play in the hills!


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