April 14, 2011

So Bush

So, I have been super busy with life these past two weeks. Shooting climbing video with Arcteryx, giving slide shows (Moab and Grand Junction), working with Realtors, training for a trail running race and so on. Sorry for the delay in any blog posts and sharing my life. The funniest thing that has happened lately is that one of my students hid a bottle of chocolate milk under a desk in my classroom long enough for it to curdle and smell. After a few days the room smelled pretty bad. To make a long story short, we found it just before we were going to chop a hole in the floor to find the cause of the smell. After rug cleanings, room cleanings and the works we were at our wits end and. I was about to vomit from the odor as were my students. Glad that one was solved! Talk soon and I will be sharing again after my trail running race in Grand Junction this weekend! piz : )

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