April 15, 2011

mt garfield

Jane and are I doing the most obvious hike in GJ today after work. It is the Mount Garfield hike and is right next to I70 and Palisade. Should be a good time Here are directions for those who are nearby and have time for the 4 mile trek with 2000ft elevation gain and descent. The official way is to exit I-70 in the town of Palisade onto 37 3/10 Rd (I love the road naming convention in the Grand Valley). About one hundred yards south of I-70 you will cross over an irrigation ditch. Make an immediate right (west) on G 7/10 Rd. Go about a mile or so west on G 7/10 Rd until you are forced to make a right (north). Head north to a tunnel that leads under I-70. The trail head is just on the north side of I-70.

piz : )

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  1. Thanks for these directions. My son and I are doing the hike today and, although I've driven past that parking lot from I-70 many times, wasn't quite sure how to access. You've made it easy peasy.