August 10, 2012


It is not often that you get to be in a magazine.
I was lucky in August.
IF you have a chance, check out the short I wrote about Mt Evans and the Possibility Wall in the August issue of Climbing Magazine. There are even a few nice photos of me in there too.
Thanks Andrew Burr for and Dan Gambino for killing it with photos.

I was also in the August issue of Rock and Ice. I recently climbed a new line in Escalante canyon near home and wrote a short about doing and finding new routes. Thanks to Jerimiah Watt for nailing that photo too!!

Lastly, I was on the cover of the August issue of Elevation Outdoors, a Colorado magazine that prints more than Climbing and Rock and Ice magazines! Thanks Keith Ladzinski for taking that amazing photo.

Feast or famine as my folks used to say. I totally agree.

I just opened the September/October issue of Climbing Magazine today and noticed that I am in a two page spread again of my new routing in Zion this June.  Jeez. Thanks Andrew Burr for coming out and blitzing a one day all out shooting fest in the worst light we have had to deal with in a long time.

Most of all I am not so lucky for being in the magazine with words and photos but for having the best wife and son a guy could ever wish for, Thanks Jane and Rowan for putting up with my obsession.
I love you guys!

piz : )

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