April 4, 2012

Some Footage of Ben

Here is a short clip of Ben going for it.
The moves revolve around campusing .5 inch cams to a fingerlock/undercling.
Then you pull into the only foothold and drop your left knee hard.
After that you reach into a .75 inch ring lock.
Then you match ring locks and campus to another finger lock over the roof.
Two more moves will get you to the anchor.

piz : )


  1. I'm having a hard time getting the video to play for me. your description of the moves makes me want to watch it badly. :)

  2. sorry ben, its just off my crappy hand held camera. it plays when i run it from my work and home computer. nothing special just my shakey hand some try hard from ben. keep trying i guess.

  3. Looks pretty darn hard, any more info on the route?


  4. see the frank zappa post above. how hard who knows, it took me some burns to complete.