January 10, 2012

On the way into the Monument looking for a roof crack that I scoped a while back. The plan is to rap in and check it out to see if it is worth climbing on. I have a static line, harness and some cams to keep me safe.
I think that I found the spot after some wandering around. Unfortunately, it was a 200ft rappel to no where. Dang, I had to ascend all that overhanging rope for nothing!
I finally found the crack and where to rap from and it turned out to be all crumbly, short and a total pile. Oh well it was worth checking out the rest of the area and having a little adventure. I did spy something else in the area, but it will require a little more time as it is another couple miles off the road.
Not a bad place to be wandering around.
piz : )

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