January 10, 2012

Climbing Magazine

I am lucky enough to have some more photos printed in the latest issue of Climbing Magazine.
Issue #302                February 2012
You can see them
on page 6 (the upper left hand corner)
on page 16/17 (a two full page spread)
on page 20 (the upper half fo the page)

The photos are from a trip I took over winter break a few years back to a place called the Homestead in Arizona. You can head there and climb on some varied and white limestone. There are crimps and jugs and tufa's. The camping is nice and remote. To shorten the approach it is worth having a 4x4 to get all the way in there. Check out the Mountain Project Website for information on the area and the climbs. Also, go the link that Climbing magazine provides in the article.
Thanks and have a great week!

 Green River Tower Summit and me enjoying some wide stuff below.
piz : )

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