October 24, 2011

The British are Coming!

 Tom giving an off width a run with a good spot and Chris shooting some video.
 Wide cracks are fun? Well for some folks. They are a great challenge and make you wear long pants and sleeves and even knee pads and elbox pads too!
 Jesse getting ready for the roof crack of all roof cracks!
 Brian helping Pee Wee zip up his jacket. Pee Wee is special.
 Pee Wee instructing the Wideboyz how to make proper tape gloves.
 The Widboyz and me. Thomas on the left and Pete on the right. Yeah they are little guys, but great climbers!
 The crew coming the the roofs.
Tom doing some inversions
 I invited some friends to climb at the roof crack area in Moab. My friend Jesse, Pee Wee and Brian joined me and the UK Wideboyz (Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker) their photgrapher Alex and their cameraman Chris Alstrin.
Their goal was to climb some more roof cracks, widestuff and have some fun. Here, Jess is belaying Pee Wee as he is going for the first free ascent of one of my longstanding projects, the Necronomicon.
 Jesse taking in some roff crack boulder problems.
 Tom learning the moves on another route of mine called Army of Darkness
Brain hanging around learning the moves on Army of Darkness.
piz : )

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