January 4, 2010

More Mexico Photos and Information

The middle feature has a 1500 ft route called El Sendero Luminoso a 15 pitch 5.12. We didn't get a chance to try the bearutiful climb due to some rain during our trip. Some day I will get back to the park to give it a try.
Market day in Hidalgo. They sell fresh meat, veggies, fruits. You can buy clothes, electronics/CD's (old), art, house supplies, tools... you get the picture! It only takes about 10-15 minutes to walk from your camping area to the market. (market days are tuesdays and fridays) It's a great place to try some food, try speaking the language and to meet some of the locals, they are sooo kind!

Mike and my bunk beds. If we weren't climbing or eating than mike was on the internet doing work from the campground. The shower was hot, the water is safe to drink and the beds are comfy!

Mike following me up another beautiful multipitch route in the Potrero.

Mike and I heading up Space Boyz early in the morning. We got special permission from the local government to climb/inspect the wall for rockfall damage because I am trained as a Geological Engineer. Unfortunately, there is a ton of loose stuff above a couple routes on this wall. If reopened you should wear your helmets and be aware of massive rockfall possibilities.

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