April 17, 2014

Zion New Routing Part 1

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 The team, two crackpot climbers  Andy Reather and Mike Brumbaugh.
 I can't take them anywhere, they always get lost!!
 However we did find some attractive spots!
 Rapping down the wall. Find a large tree. Tie a figure eight in the Sterling Rope and retrace it. Rap and let the exploration begin!
I went down the wrong crack at the beginning and had to jug back up and move the rope over to the actual crack that we wanted to explore. What a pain!
 The view of Angles Landing.
 We finally got inside the monster chimney. It was wide, dirty and awesome!!The right side of this picture turned out to be an amazing 5.12- splitter that was originally partially aided.
              The monster chimney looms above. 900ft tall route all ready to be climbed!!

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