July 20, 2012

Off to Canada!

I will be out of touch for a few and back at this blogging in August.
The Bugaboos in Canada are calling me and with a little luck we will get some good weather and be able to climb a few routes.
I look forward to sharing photos and some of the climbs with you when I get back.
Until then, get out and have an adventure!

My last adventure looked like this photo from Andrew Burr.
This Canadian one won't look so warm!
piz : )

July 18, 2012

home and back again

 jane on another run through the beautiful desert of moab
 rest with her favorite baby
 daddy letting the boy drive, NOT!
 starting him off early.
 next adventure jane is sleepy
 off to pace a friend in the Hardrock 100 mile race through the mountains, we watched runners pass through the ouray checkpoint
 we took a hike
 mom and boy chilling in the back of the truck
 boy climbing dirt pile in silverton colorado at the finish line of the race
 the mountains that the runners had to climb and descend (i got to help out going up and down as a pacer) except when my runner came through it was pitch black outside for the whole time so i was lucky to come up to check it out during the day!
 jane on another run! she is fast these days.
 they boy and i making pictures
 rowan learning to camp and cook out of the back of the truck. life skills
 my boy adam crossing the finish line and kissing the hardrock to make it official. GREAT JOB!!!
Now its time to pack and head to Canada for some climbing in the Bugaboos with Mike B.
Get outside and have an adventure!!
Thanks to CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Sterling Ropes and Arcteryx for all the new gear for this trip!!
I will be back in August, I expect to hear some stories of your adventures.

piz : )

home and away over and over

 coming home to GJ from Ohio I had to check to see if my carry on fit. it did.
 rowan likes to ride on daddy's shoulders.
 trail marker to another rock climb
 chris getting way too hot on the wall
 it was hot and so was i
 checked out a solra prominence at the visitor center of the Black Canyon National Park.
 the boy on the 4th of july
 yeah he likes red hats
 mom and boy
 boy splashing mom
 me and the boy
dropping off mom for another sunrise half marathon!

get outside and have some fun!

piz : )