October 17, 2012

International Climbers Meet via the American Alpine Club at Yosemite National Park

 We all rolled in on Oct 7 and were pleased to see that the catering was already there. At the meet, all meals were taken care of and were delicious!
 Any food must be kept in the bear boxes!
 Sherpa's from Mt. Everest greeted us with gifts and shared some experiences with us.
 Everyone came to see and hopefully get on top of the Captain! This is the view from the East Buttress of El Cap.
 Day one: cragging at the Cookie Cliff
 Steve A laying down the law. from Mass. USA
 Jane and Kang from China
 Some Danish climbers!
 Jeff climbing on the Cookie Cliff
Another classic at the Cookie.

Get outside and have an adventure!

piz : )

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  1. Hey Rob,

    Great climbing with you in the valley during the ICM. Drop me a line at zuke555@hotmail.com if you have time to help me with some rock specific training.