December 4, 2011

The Monument on a Cold Day

 A 25 degree day requires a good tough partner. Mike B and I braved the below freezing temps to get in tons of routes!
 This is how I dressed most of the day. Arcteryx gear and a Wind-Xtreme aroound my neck.
 Mike on just another splitter.
 finger cracks cause me to loose skin on the left hand.
and on the right hand. i will have to heal up before i send the thin crack route. tight fingers the whole way with no feet makes my skin fall off!
Get outside and have fun!
piz : )


  1. Liberty Cap? We almost went to Tiara Rado yesterday but decided it was too cold to make the drive. One of these days...

  2. let me know when you are coming and i will join you if i can! we climbed Tiara Rado on sat and liberty cap on sunday and it was perfect!