February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Winter should be over soon according to the little fur ball in Pa.
That is good for us rock climbers because we are all itching to "feed the rat" and get back out on the rock. I am looking forward to cleaning up a bunch of local projects of mine this spring and good weather and a high level of fitness will help make that happen.
I am training 4 days a week after work and work meetings.
That normally consists of a 3 mile run and strength conditioning work outs on Mon. and Wed. followed by endurance training at the climbing gym.
On Tues. and Thurs. I am working power by bouldering hard moves with good rests in between.
Then I rest or do yoga on Fri. and hope to climb outside on the weekend. If all goes well and I don't miss any days then my fitness and strength will not only return, but improve in just a few short weeks. Then it is just a matter of having my head in the game when I am leading dicey pitches on the rock. If I am not in the right head space, then it doesn't matter how fit that I am because I won't have what it takes upstairs to focus on what needs to be done while climbing. Everything does have to come together in order to perform at our best!
So get out there, have fun and climb some rock.

piz : )

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