July 9, 2010

Updated P-Wall Topo

Dan and Brian getting out while the getting was still good. We went to climb at the P-wall and in the morning, the clouds left and gave us a beautiful day. But by lunch time, our luck was up and it was time to get out!
Brian and I still able to see each other in the thick cloud that covered Mt Evans.

Me, just hanging around on my latest new route, A Vacation from Your Problems.
Taylor came out to check out the P-wall and liked what he climbed on. Here he is at the top of Rocky Mountain High.
The latest topo of the P-wall. There are two new climbs at the base of the wall. The new routes are both mixed with crack gear and a couple of bolts where the wall was blank. The left of the two new climbs is called Baby Steps (5.11-/pumpy) and the right line is called Tenacious P 5.12/technical). I just want to thank J-Star for coming out and rock climbing with me on the routes and for helping unlock the sequences on the two new first pitches to the wall. Now this place is starting to look and feel like a crag!
So a quick summary of the routes and their estimated grades: Remember that just a few folks have climbed these routes and that the grades are up for adjustment.
Back to the Earth 5.13+ (mixed gear to 1 inch and bolts)
A Vacation from your problems 5.13b (all bolts)
Open Arete Project (V12/V13 bouldery 2 bolt route) (all bolts)
Hopeless AKA High Hopes Closed Project 5.14ish (all bolts)
Rocky Mountain High 5.12 (mixed gear to 3 inches and bolts)
Aqualung 5.12+ (mixed gear to 2 inches and bolts)
It's a Homonym 5.12b (mixed gear to 4inches and bolts)
Tenacious P 5.12c (mixed gear to .75 inches and bolts)
Baby Steps 5.11- (mixed gear to 1 inch and bolts)

Get out and have fun, I hope to see you there!

piz : )

July 8, 2010

A Vacation From Your Problems 5.13

Dan Gambino took another round of photos the other day.
They really let you see the wall and where the heck we are climbing on the P-wall.
Enjoy them and if you like contact Dan and buy one up!


piz : )

July 3, 2010

New Route at the P-Wall

I have not named the line yet, but it traverses on bolts from Back to the Earth out to the the finish of my mega project named Hopeless (aka High Hopes).
The wall is steep and the traverse is really pumpy. Getting to the finishing moves is a real bear that is for sure and I have taken some fun whippers at the end of the route.
It feels like its 12+ or 13- for sure and I am really excited to have this quality addition to the wall.
I am currently taking ideas for route names. Keep them appropriate please.

There are some Dan Gambino photos of Brian Young and I trying the route and some other wall photos from the P-Wall.

piz : )