December 16, 2010

Past Climbing Trips to South Dakota

What collection of photos of South Dakota don't have at least one of Mt. Rushmore?
My surprise when I finally saw the monument!
The eye of the needle. You can climb up the eye from the backside and then out to the top or lead an exciting pitch up the face that you are looking at. What is cool about this place is that you start from the paved parking lot and can rap right to your car. There are hundreds of pinnacles like this to climb in the area on the giant knobby granite crystals. There is even a new and usable guidebook for the area, but I forget the name. I know that Andrew Burr has taken many a photo for this one, so it is not to be missed!
More crazy granite towers. Bring on the simulrapping.
I know that I did some climbing on this trip!
Get out and have fun!
piz : )


  1. Nice! it looks fun out there. some crazy rock formations for sure!

  2. They are great to climb on and there is some great history there too!

  3. Great photos! Glad you enjoyed Mt Rushmore and South Dakota.

    SD Office of Tourism