October 18, 2010

24 Hours of Boulder

Kicking it at our tent city. Jane, Matt and Mark
Jane starting off the race. This was the first leg of each of our 7 mile loops. Each member of the team had to run at least one 7 mile loop and then we challenged ourselves to do as many as we could to rack up the team total miles!

Mark and Jane so cold that night! On a side note, a lantern and a new fuel bottle will last all night long if you let it burn on medium.
Jane stretching out those legs and hamstrings.
Our motley crew. from left to right, Matt. Eric, me, Mark, and Jane. We went as the Village People.

So, we had the chance to enter a team relay competition this last weekend. We didn't win the race but we did win the costume contest.
piz : )

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  1. Rob, you're scaring everyone with those legs of yours! Heeeheee. Love the blog!