May 25, 2010

El Cap day in the Black Canyon Part 1

Mike B and I arrived to find the North rim's campground full. We managed to meet some folks that we knew and squeezed on in.
That day the sky was full of smoke, ash and the stink of a forest fire burning miles away in Norwood, CO. The soot was blocking the sun on an otherwise crystal clear blue sky day.
What was left of the sun over the imposing Black Canyon.
The hitchhikers that we picked up in Eagle, CO. They were heading to Grand Junction and thought it would be cool to see the Black. They were vagabonds from California with a lot to say!
Heading from Paonia to the Black in the Ash Cloud from the fires in Norwood.

I am really glad that you have visited my blog. Thanks and I hope to see and hear from you soon.

Rob Pizem

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