March 30, 2010

More Spring Break Photos

Me about to dive into a giant pothole on top of the Monitor near Moab, Utah. I actually went back and freed the single pitch aide route to the top. It goes free at about 5.12+. If you were to fall into a pothole, you would be stuck forever! Some are up to 40 feet deep with smooth overhanging walls on all sides.
Me, heading up a route on the Merrimack just outside Moab, Utah. Monitor is in the background. The route goes at 5.6 but is a bit heady as you walk/crawl/climb the narrow ledge to the top.
Braden pointing out the route that we climbed to the top of Merrimack. It was that long angling ramp to the top.
Photos being taken on Trail of Tears, North Wash. Andrew Burr on the left, Pete "the Greek" in red and Alex Honnold on belay duty.
Me and Layla at the Purdy's in St. George. I got my hair done that night, and I think a cold too!

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