November 30, 2009

Weekend with the Peters

The morning after the race! Fresh snow.
Attempting to move a river raft from the upstairs bedroom with Cindy and Rob Peters
Trying to slide the raft through the upstairs bedroom balcony.
The boat almost on the ground floor!

A happy Cindy next to her pride and joy! : )
Jane and I stayed with some wonderful friends in Moab the weekend of her 50km race.
I got to help out moving a river raft from the upstairs bedroom (fully inflated) to a storage unit down the road.


Update on the Big Bothers Big Sisters Climb a Thon
We have raised nearly 800 dollars!
Thanks so much and keep the donations coming.
I will make the contribution just before new year when I return from Mexico!

Other than that Thanksgiving with my wifes family was excellent in Cuchara, Colorado.
We ate, went climbing, watched movies, ate some more, played cards, played with dogs and jept in touch with family!
I even bolted two new climbs on the sandstone near the house!

November 24, 2009

Climb a Thon

Hey everyone, I would like to invite anyone who would like to donate to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado to contact me at

You have until December 19 to help out!


piz : )

November 20, 2009

Climbing for Kids

Climbing For Kids

Rob Pizem and Mike Brumbaugh are asking for your help!

We are looking for cash donations this holiday season to help support the wonderful work of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado!

Rob and Mike will be heading to Hildalgo, Mexico to climb as many rock climbs as they can at El Potrero Chico in one weeks time.

All you have to do is volunteer to make a donation or volunteer to match a dollar amount to the number of routes Rob and Mike can complete in a week!

Example : If They climb 50 routes in a week, you donate $50. It’s that easy.

Rob and Mike are attempting to climb between 20 to 40 routes a day, because they want to raise as much money as they can for the children of Colorado.

Please contact:
Rob Pizem at 303 565 6022 or,
with your donation information or help out in the following ways:

Donate over the Phone: 303 433 6002 ext.525

Donate by Mail:
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado
1391 N Speer Blvd, Ste 450
Denver, CO 80204
*Make checks payable to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado

Mission Statement of Big Brother Big Sisters of Colorado
The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado is to help children reach their full potential through professionally supported, one-to-one, volunteer mentoring relationships with measurable impact.

November 18, 2009

Jane Race Video

The race was beautifully set all over the mountains and valleys, slick rock and sand, and flats and cliffs just outside Moab, Utah.

Jane Race Photos

Jane on the last, long hill climb! The Colorado river in the background.
Jane cruising through the desert.
Jane running through the brush along the Colorado river near Kane Creek.
Jane at the prerace meeting with her favorite CAMP trail running pack.
Jane made Lexi pee before the race!
Here is a summary of the Janes first ultra marathon (50km).
-woke up, ate a bagel with pb and j and some diet pepsi
-made doggy pee
-stretched and light jog
-8 hour run/walk through desert (on and off trail)
-finish with tight IT bands and a taste for next years!
Great job Jane!

November 14, 2009

The rAcE

On the Fisher Towers freeing the moves with my CAMP helmet and Arcteryx's Dually Belay Jacket and R-320 harness in the freezing temps. AHH YEAH.
Hanging around on my roof crack project in the South Platte, Colorado.

My beautiful wife, Jane : )

This is the weekend that my wife Jane has been training for months for.
The Moab Ultimate XC is a 56km race through the desert, all off trail, all burly.
She has to climb up clifflines over the Colorado river, scramble through boulders and make her way through sandy slot canyons. She rules! I posted a wedding shot of us. Yeah, I got married in my Arcteryx Spotter pants. : )
So, I have been letting my fingers heal for a week now.
They are close to being able to be used again!
Yeah!! This week off I have have had time to take care of stuff at home and work with a new client at the climbing gym. A climber who has been climbing longer than I have been alive and still aggressive and wanting to improve! It is really fun to work with folks who are ready to take a closer look at their talents and modify what they have been doing in the name of improving.
I think that improving at anything requires the ability to constantly self monitor and evaluate.
Look closely at your habits, movements, strengths and weaknesses and dissect them and adjust them for whatever goal you are shooting for. I have had to do this on many a routes in order to complete them.

November 8, 2009

Something Funny

This guy doesn't look that extreme!
Ari, sleeping in the van while in Norway.
He's in the middle of drooling on me!

I am Lame!

I sliced into three of my four fingers on my left hand while cutting bread for breakfast.

November 6, 2009

More Norway

We got the rain that everyone talks about way up north in Norway but it was still cool walking around the tiny fishing villages of Lofoton. From the looks of the climbers in front of me, there are never poor conditions for climbing here!
On our rain day, we found Lofoton's version of a roof crack, pretty short, but mainly dry. I was feeling under the weather this day and taking black liquorish flavored cough medicine! It was not good, but it helped I think : ) I think that Brian was giving it a try in this shot. (mike and ari were spotting)
Brian and Ari coming up one of the early routes we climbed on a perfect day!
The views were unparalelled while hiking to climbs and while climbing them. Our rental is on the road below and the hike was just 15 minutes on a nice trail! Later on the trip Andy jumped off that bridge to the left and bruised his butt on entry (had to be nearly a 50 foot drop into the icey water below)
Roadside bouldering goes on for miles!

November 2, 2009

The Finished Product

Unpainted but beautiful!
Wheels for the bottom

Cutting board and microwave holder space and garbage in the bottom.

Snow Days

filing my hinge for smooth operation.
Making the intial measurements before making the cuts.

These are what we started with. Pieces of pine.

Dave and Ali on Halloween Eve. I mean Ron and Veronica!

Our house with lots of snow!

Last week we had a late October snow storm adn for my district, three snow days in a row!
I was able to rest, sleep in, clean the house, train for climbing and spend time with my wife.
It was a wonderful unanticipated break that will not be forgotten. I was able to build a garbage box for my house and work on my power at the local climbing gyms.
Jane and I also watched the movie Drag Me to Hell with some friends on Halloween Eve.