August 15, 2009

jane in training

One of the first pieces of art we saw this year (2009) at the Sweden/Norway border. Unfortunately it was made of styrofoam so we couldnt complete a free ascent!
Jane icing after after a 16 mile run. She really isn't cold, she is just pretending... NOT! And, yes she is wearing her bathing suit. : ) Notice the Ice cubes in the tub.

This is the reindeer that we nearly collided with head on shortly after we got into the rental van in northern Sweden. I kept looking for Santa Claus to tell him that his animals were trippin. Flat to rolling terrain and lots of water equalled the most perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes! We were a bit nervous about not seeing any giant rock walls but that worry was soon taken care of. (more photos and stories to come)

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