September 27, 2011

Its been a while

Hey All,

I have just been hanging in Denver with my in-laws and participating in a family reunion. It has been a busy few days and a ton of fun. It is so wonderful to see so many families coming together to support each other and their parents. We got to watch a slide show that showcased everyone in the family. Great shots and wonderful insight into the how everyone turned out the way that they did. My wife's family are really wonderful and loving folks. I look forward to the reunion every year.

Rowan has been growing fast and each day seems to surprise Jane and I with his new expressions and coordination. We are tired and have changed a ton of diapers and will change many more! The late night feedings are exhausting but a great time to just sit quietly with Rowan and admire him while he eats. There is something special every time a baby falls a sleep in your arms.

As far as climbing has been going, I am stuck falling all over another new route in Unaweep. It is a wonderfully challenging sport climb chalk full of crimp side pulls, gastons and crappy feet. As much as I want to send the route in order to share it with the world, I am treasuring the exposure, whipping, falling and wobblers 150 ft off the deck and the tiny sharp holds that shred my tips after every burn. Unaweep is such a great place that contains many more classic trad and sport climbs. I can't wait until I find my next one to become obsessed about.

As soon as I download some more photos, I will update you on Rowan and The Unaweeper (the project in unaweep that continues to keep me from sending).

Get out and enjoy the fall. The best time of year for so many reasons.

piz : )

September 16, 2011

Rowan is Awesome

 I am thinking about... FOOD!
 Yeah, I really am this comfy. My dad wore this when he was a baby.
 I might want to be a boxer when I grow up.
 Don't just love a little bit of me, love ALL of me!
 I will smash this when I get bigger. Really, I am not joking.
 Spa treatment. Don't hate me cause I am beautiful.
 I get tired and grumpy too after long photo shoots.
Just go and away and let me rest please.
I love you all.
I hope you enjoyed a day in the life of Rowan Pizem : )
We enjoy everyday with him too!

piz and jane : )

September 13, 2011

Black Canyon Climbing Regulations Management Plan and Meeting

Here’s the info on the new proposed Black Canyon NP and Curecanti NRA Wilderness and Backcountry Management Plan.

I read over the plan and did not think that it was out of line or difficult to abide by.
If you have the chance get to the meeting or read it and send them your opinion.


piz : )
September 21, 2011; Montrose, CO / 4:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Montrose Chamber of Commerce; 1519 East Main Street September 22, 2011; Gunnison, CO / 4:30 to 7:00 p.m.; Fred R. Field Western Heritage Center; 275 S. Spruce St.


It would be great if Western Colorado Climbing Coalition, Telluride Mountain Club, Four Corners Climbers Coalition, the Montrose, Durango and Gunnison climbers could address this Plan.

September 8, 2011

Oct 2011 Climbing Magazine Issue

Check out the latest issue of Climbing Magazine for a trip that we took to climb a new line on Tehipite Dome, the Sierra's biggest piece of granite. You can see my buddy Ari on the current cover crushing one of the perfect pitches of our new route called The Tehipite Sanction 5.12+/13-.  Great photo's by Andrew Burr and words by Ari will get you psyched to get outside and have an adventure!
We were out there in the wild for just under two weeks thrashing through the woods everyday to get this one all cleaned, prepped and climbed. Lot's of work but the payoff was incredible climbing in an incredible setting. Thanks to Sterling Ropes, Arcteryx, SCARPA shoes and CAMP-USA for all the goodies for this successful trip in California.
piz : )

September 3, 2011

My boy

 I knew that he would like Star Wars.  John said that I should rename him Rowanikan Pizwalker. I kinda like the way that sounds!
 Cousins Sam on the left and Rowan on the right. They were giving these outfits away when you bought a bowl of soup.
My happy boy.
The temperatures are finally beginning to drop here on the western slope. Time for my good Arcteryx gear and my Wind X-Treme. Afternoon climbing sessions are normally dry with a chance of showers but with perfect temperatures. I have been trying to make the most of the time that I have outside. It's funny because even when I am bolting or cleaning or climbing a new route, I always find that I have Rowan on my mind.
 That's cool.
Get outside and have some fun.
piz : )