July 31, 2009


Hey, if your bored you can follow this link http://www.myuctv.com/video?id=669
and begin the journey I took a few years ago captured by chuck fryberger.
The movie is about a trip to mexico to free climb the worlds longest sport climb.

Luke Laeser and company bolted the route, but ran out of time to free all the pitches and it was a great honor when he asked me and friends to go back with hime to try it out.

There were plenty of ups and downs on the trip which led to a better understanding of what it took to take on a big challenge with others.

I will chat about that later, but until then enjoy all the chapters of the movie Unity and let me know what you think.
piz : )

Norway in June

The boys Ari, Brian, and Andy ready to wash their butts in the cool and refreshing snow melt alpine river in Norway. June 2009


My wife Jane and I are heading to Crested Butte to visit her brother and do some mountain biking. Hoping for some nice weather and a bit of relaxation.
Currently, I have to input some grades for my kids as it is the end of the first three weeks and we send out progress reports.


May name is Rob Pizem and I have to start somewhere and this is it. 7-31-09
In this blog, I will give you some insight into my life and my adventures.
Enjoy it as you will and I am sure that some of my dreams will be dreams of yours too.
Welcome to my life.
piz : )